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Misnomer about fat content of meat

Misnomer about fat content of meat.


We recently had a case of  an “expert” or so he likes to label himself say that a vl level of 85 in a Black Angus animal was too fatty.


That’s a strange comment to make when fat content relevant to marbling is infact important in animal , If “too fatty” is such a problem, A5 Wagyu should be a problem as well.


It’s a misnomer that vl content of an overall animal is the most important attribute to an animals quality of meat.


What is substantially more important relevant to the quality of meat is the ph level not the vl factor which plays relevance when it comes to trimmings more than it does of anything else.


Readings of around 5.3-5.6r ender an animal desirable from an eating point of view. Ph levels around 5.7 are undesirable . Dark red meat also determines that the ph of the animal was too high and that the meat is not desirable.


Animals that are 100% grass fed ( such as our Black Angus) have high levels of Glycogen resulting in lower lactic acid and consequently ph levels.


The way animals are handled also contributes to the quality of the end product. Our Black Angus us reared on farm and treated kindly ensuring the build up of lactic acid is maintained at the lowest levels possible. They are slaughtered on site minimizing the movement of the animal which stresses the animal also contributing to lactic Acid and higher ph levels.


Lets not all be so involved with semantics of vl levels when we don’t truly understand what contributes to an animals well being and the production of high grade beef.


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