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FEI Food Export Ltdis a leading exporter of agricultural and food products from Central and South American Countries. We partner with wholesalers, agents, and restaurant suppliers from around the world to provide the highest quality frozen meat products for your needs.

For experience, integrity, and an exporter that supplies exactly what you order quickly and securely, partner with FEI today.


The Argentina meat exports available through FEI include beef, lamb,  products. We combine an extensive network of contacts of breeders and slaughterhouses without middlemen . Our vast knowledge of international banking and shipping to expedite the export process and provide the quality Argentinian meats you need.

FEI takes care of packaging to your individual specifications, as well as private labels for minimum quantity orders.

All products are CNCA and Halal certified where appropriate.


FEI Food Export Ltd sources quality frozen lamb and pork from Chile and Argentina. No matter where we are sourcing our meat products from across Central and South America, you can be sure that animals are raised and treated ethically and slaughtered at approved and inspected slaughterhouses and abattoirs. Contact us to learn more about our Chile and Argentinian  meat exports.


FEI also exports quality frozen pork products from Mexico. All our exports are the highest quality A-grade meats, and every order comes with guaranteed accuracy that you get exactly what you need.

FEI Food Export Ltrd mainly source products from South American and Mexico producers, check all the products we from these regions


FEI Food Export Ltd Boasts an extensive global distribution network. Some of the countries we most regularly send our quality Central and South American exports to include:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • South Korea
  • Cambodia
  • Bangladesh
  • Taiwan

The FEI Food Export Ltd Promise - Your Trusted Frozen Lamb Export Partner

FEI Food Export Ltd is the lamb export solution for frozen lamb wholesalers, agents, and restaurant providers looking for superior frozen lamb. Our knowledgeable and dependable team sources top-quality frozen lamb for buyers throughout Asia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and Europe. When you choose to work with us, here is what we promise you:


Our reputation stands on more than 40 years of export experience, our strength coming from long-lasting relationships we developed with our clients. Backed by a payment system that protects all parties. We’ll make you get exactly what you ordered, with safe, secure payment options.


We are committed to ensuring successful transactions that result in happy customers. Our team values honesty and open communication because, like every successful endeavour in life, knowing more is experiencing better.


Our commitment to exceptional service is rooted in our respect for each client we work with. We believe that everyone deserves quality products and services, we will strive to provide just that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Australia export lamb to?

Global sheepmeat consumption is continuously growing, led by developing nations. Australian sheep export destinations are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, territories administered by Palestine, Ukraine, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Brunei, China, Japan, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and the Philippines.

Which Australian state exports the most lamb?

Victoria and New South Wales are responsible for producing the majority of lamb in Australia. Victoria is the major exporter of Australian lamb, contributing 46.3% of all exports in 2007

What is Australia's biggest meat export?

Beef is the biggest meat export from Australia. It is also the major meat produced in the country as it encompasses more than half of all meat production in Australia.

Which country buys the most Australian lamb?

Australia was the world’s largest exporter of sheepmeat in 2019. China is the top destination for Australian lamb exports, continuously competing with the USA for the top country of Australian lamb exports.

Why is lamb so expensive in Australia?

As of July 2021, the price of lamb continues to steadily increase. The price continues to rise due to low flock numbers and strong international demand as global economies wake from the pandemic.

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