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All our frozen chicken offerings originate from animals raised in humane conditions, cultivated in environmentally friendly settings, and processed in certified and monitored slaughterhouses. They hold halal and GACC-approved certifications from plants in Greece. Our products are meticulously packaged to meet your specifications, and private labeling options are available for minimum order quantities.


Leading Beef Distributor Asia

Welcome to our premium beef distribution and export services, designed for the Asian market. At FEI Food Export Ltd, we enjoy providing premium beef products from reliable global suppliers of quality beef exports Asia. Our goal is to satisfy our customers to the highest degree possible while satisfying the increasing demand for premium beef in Asia through our dedication to excellence and dependability.

Quality Beef Exports China For Picky Eaters

Our specialty at FEI Food Export Ltd is exporting premium beef to China to satisfy the growing demand for our product. As a reputable beef distributor China, we ensure that only the best cuts get to your table so that customers nationwide can have a mouthwatering experience.

Hong Kong's Reliable Source for Premium Beef

FEI Food Export Ltd stands as the top source of quality beef exporter Hong Kong. As a top beef distributor, we’re dedicated to meeting the exacting standards of our clients’ discerning palates with products of extraordinary quality and flavor.

Vietnam's Best Selection of Premium Beef

FEI Food Export Ltd is the leading premium beef importer Vietnam. As a reputable beef supplier, we are committed to offering the best beef products on the Vietnamese market and giving our patrons the best possible dining experience.

Savor the Finest Quality Beef in Korea

FEI Food Export Ltd is your go-to source in Korea for quality beef exporter. As a top beef distributor, we are committed to offering premium beef products that meet our clients’ exacting standards.

Enjoy Taiwan's Finest Premium Beef

Experience a gourmet adventure with FEI Food Export Ltd, the top source of premium beef exports Taiwan. As a top beef supplier in Taiwan, we provide discriminating consumers with the best beef products, including a wide range of premium cuts from reliable global sources. Our dedication to excellence, quality, and effective importation procedures guarantees that only the fresh and most delicious beef reaches our clients, delighting diners and restaurants throughout Taiwan.

Experience Singapore's Premier Beef Excellence

Go on a gourmet journey with FEI Food Export Ltd, Singapore’s top import partner for premium beef. As a top beef distributor Singapore, we are experts in finding and supplying premium beef products to Singapore’s thriving food industry. Restaurants, hotels, and discriminating customers around Singapore are served only the best cuts of premium beef, such as Wagyu and Angus, thanks to our commitment to quality assurance and careful importation procedures.

Are you in search of trustworthy premium beef exporters? Reach out to our team today to explore our range of frozen beef products and services. Contact us now for more information.

Why Opt for FEI Food Export Ltd for Your Frozen Beef Export Requirements?

FEI Food Export Ltd is a premier choice for quality beef exports, catering to many clientele, including frozen beef agents, wholesalers, and restaurant providers across Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. Here’s why customers choose us as their frozen beef export partner:

Wide-ranging Experience

Our Managing Director has been in the export business since 1986. We have unmatched international banking and shipping expertise, including air and sea freight. Our extensive global network of contacts and frozen meat export industry knowledge guarantee our clients receive all-encompassing service.

Dedicated to Honesty

We value honesty and openness in all our interactions, even in a field frequently rife with dishonest behavior. We have implemented solid procedures and secure payment methods to protect your interests and provide everyone with peace of mind. We promise to keep you updated at every turn and to resolve any problems with your order as soon as they occur.

Emphasis on Product Quality

Our dedication to excellence extends to selecting premium-quality frozen meat products. We source our beef from countries renowned for stringent quality regulations and a reputation for environmentally conscious practices. All our products originate from humanely treated animals and are sourced from inspected, approved slaughterhouses. Regular visits to our producers ensure adherence to our stringent quality standards.

Unrivalled Customer Service

At FEI, we prioritize exceptional customer service, believing effective communication is vital for successful partnerships. Our commitment to prompt responses means customer queries or concerns are addressed within hours. Strong relationships with suppliers enable us to supply high-quality frozen red meat at highly competitive prices.

For unparalleled quality beef exports and premium beef sourcing, trust FEI Food Export Ltd to meet your needs with reliability and excellence. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your frozen beef sourcing experience.



    To learn how our seasoned expert team can help you procure top-quality frozen meat products, contact Ray Goldberg at or complete our contact form.


    We'll request additional information, such as the specific product, quantity needed, and location, to ensure we meet your requirements. We'll also outline our secure payment options and prioritize transparency to prevent fraud.


    Once all parties are satisfied, we'll provide comprehensive details, including pricing, shipping methods, and necessary documentation for exporting to your area. Are you seeking a dependable, experienced frozen meat exporter? Contact us at or fill out our contact form.


Regarding premium beef goods, FEI Food Export Ltd is the reliable choice for frozen beef wholesalers, distributors, and restaurant providers. Our knowledgeable staff focuses on finding premium frozen beef for customers in Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. Here’s what to anticipate when you work with us as a partner:

1. Honesty And Collaboration

With over 40 years of export expertise, we have a solid reputation based on long-lasting client connections. We place a high value on cooperation and trust, supported by a safe and open payment mechanism to guarantee you get precisely what you bought.

2. Disclosure And Franchise Talent

Our commitment is to enable smooth transactions that satisfy our clients. Since we believe that well-informed decisions result in better outcomes, honesty, and open communication are fundamental values at FEI Food Export Ltd.

3. Estimated Service Methods

Our steadfast dedication to outstanding service is rooted in our reverence for every customer we assist. We are committed to offering everyone high-quality goods and services and ensuring that working with us surpasses your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

FEI Food Export Ltd is an expert in providing top-notch frozen beef products from reliable global sources. We offer premium kinds and cuts to meet our clientele’s discriminating needs, including Wagyu and Angus.

To place an order with us, email or send a query through our website to our skilled export team member, Ray Goldberg. To guarantee a smooth purchase, we’ll walk you through the steps and collect the necessary information, like the desired product, quantity, and location.
Food Export International is well-known for its dependability, honesty, and dedication to providing outstanding customer service. With over 40 years of experience in exporting goods, we guarantee our clients a great experience. We value open communication, transparency, and collaborative collaborations supported by a secure payment system.
Yes, we understand that each client may have unique requirements. Therefore, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs, whether you’re a frozen beef wholesaler, agent, or restaurant provider. Our experienced team will work closely with you to fulfill your requirements efficiently.
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