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Premium Grass Fed Frozen Black Angus Beef Export with Exceptional Customer Service

Food Export International – Supplying Exactly What You Order with Experience and Integrity

Premium Grass Fed Frozen Black Angus Beef Exporters

Are you a beef wholesaler, agent or restaurant provider looking for superior Premium Grass Fed Frozen Beef?

Our knowledgeable and dependable team source top-quality Premium Grass Fed Frozen Beef for buyers throughout Asia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and Europe.


Need assurance you’ll get exactly what you ordered, with safe, secure payment options?

Our reputation stands on more than 40 years’ export experience, backed by a payment system that protects all parties.


Do you value honesty and clear communication?

We are committed to ensuring successful transactions that result in happy customers.


Do you expect integrity, experience and a high standard of service?

We pride ourselves on developing lasting client relationships based on trust, mutual respect and a commitment to exceptional service.


Food Export International – Your trusted Premium Grass Fed Frozen Beef export partner

Looking for a reliable, trustworthy Premium Grass Fed Frozen Black Angus Beef exporter? To learn more about our frozen beef products and services, contact our team at FEI Food Export today on:

Premium Grass Fed Frozen Black Angus Beef Exports with Absolute Peace of Mind

At Food Export International, we help frozen beef wholesalers, agents and restaurant suppliers across the globe source Premium Grass Fed Frozen Beef from trusted suppliers.


Our extensive contact network and knowledge of international shipping and banking make us a leading supplier of superior products with safe, secure payment options and excellent customer service.

Our Premium Grass Fed Frozen Black Angus Beef products

All our Premium Grass Fed Frozen Beef products come from animals that are treated well, farmed under clean, green conditions, and slaughtered in inspected and approved abattoirs or slaughterhouses. They are all halal and CNCA certified. Products are packaged according to your specifications and private label (for minimum quantities) is available.

Here’s how we work

  • 1. Send us an enquiry

    To learn more about how our experienced export team can help you secure first-class frozen meat products, contact Ray Goldberg on or fill out our contact form.

  • 2. We’ll request some further information

    To help us supply exactly what you need, we’ll ask you to provide some information about the product you’re looking for, the quantity, and your location. We’ll also explain our secure, transparent payment options that protect everyone involved against fraud.

  • 3. Go ahead

    Once all parties are happy to proceed, we’ll supply all the necessary information – including pricing, shipping options and required paperwork – for exporting to your region.

    Looking for a reliable, experienced company exporting frozen Premium Grass Fed Frozen Beef?
    Contact us on or complete our contact form.

Why choose Food Export International for your frozen Black Angus Beef export needs?

Here’s why frozen chicken agents, wholesalers and restaurant providers in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East choose us as their frozen chicken export partner:

1. Knowledge and experience

Ray Goldberg, Director of Food Export International, has been in the export industry since 1986. His extensive knowledge of international banking and shipping (including air and sea freight) are a huge asset to his clients. Along with knowledge grown from experience, Ray has a massive network of international contacts and knows all the pitfalls to avoid in the frozen meat export market.

2. Integrity

In an industry where disreputable dealers are rife, we are committed to operating with the utmost integrity and transparency. We have developed processes and payment systems that ensure your security and protect all parties. We promise to keep you informed every step of the way, including letting you know as soon as possible if there are any issues with your order.

3. Product quality

We select only premium-quality frozen meat products. We choose to export frozen meat from countries with stringent quality regulations and global reputation for a clean, green growing environment. All our products come from animals that have been humanely treated and slaughtered in inspected, approved abattoirs. Wherever possible, we visit our frozen meat producers to make sure they are maintaining the high standards we expect.

4. Exceptional service

Food Export International pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of customer service. We believe good communication is the key to good business, so if a customer has a question, we will respond within a few hours. Having close relationships with suppliers means we can offer our customers a consistent supply of quality frozen meat at extremely competitive prices.

Need a trusted partner for exporting Premium Grass Fed Frozen Black Angus Beef?

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