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Your Trusted Partner in Chicken Exports

Food Export International is your premier destination for high-quality chicken exports worldwide. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our service and specialize in delivering top-grade poultry products to clients worldwide. Whether you’re a restaurant owner seeking premium ingredients or a distributor looking for reliable poultry suppliers, we have you covered.

Reliable Source of Premium Chicken Supplier Hong Kong

From Food Export International, Hong Kong’s top provider of premium chicken products, greetings. Being a top chicken distributor, we’re committed to providing products that satisfy our clients’ high requirements for flavor and quality.

Top Choice For Vietnam’s Importer Of Premium Chicken

As a reliable chicken supplier, we’re committed to offering the best chicken supplier Vietnam market and providing our customers with the best dining venture imaginable. We take great pride in being a dependable supplier steadfastly dedicated to excellence.

Your Reliable Chicken Distributor Korea

From Food Export International, your reliable supplier of premium chicken Korea, greetings. Being a top chicken distributor, we work hard to offer superior chicken products that satisfy our customers’ high expectations.

Taiwan's Finest Premium Chicken Distributor

Embark on a culinary journey with Food Export International, Taiwan’s top exporter of premium chicken. As a leading chicken supplier, we offer Taiwan’s perceptive consumers the finest chicken products from reliable global providers.

Enjoy Superior Quality with Singapore's Leading Imported Chicken

Experience a gastronomic journey with Food Export International, Singapore’s leading importer of premium chicken. As a top chicken distributor, we are skilled at locating and supplying premium chicken products to Singapore’s rapidly expanding food industry.

Are you looking for a reputable exporter of frozen chicken? For inquiries about our frozen chicken offerings and services, contact Ray Goldberg at Food Export International now!

How We Roll - Our Process


    To explore how our proficient expert team can assist you in procuring top-tier frozen meat products, contact Ray Goldberg via or complete our contact form.


    We'll request additional information regarding the desired product, quantity, and location to tailor our offerings to your requirements. We'll also outline our secure and transparent payment methods, designed to safeguard all parties involved against fraudulent activities.


    Upon mutual agreement, we'll provide comprehensive details for exporting to your designated region, including pricing, shipping alternatives, and necessary documentation.

Are you seeking a trustworthy and seasoned frozen chicken exporter? Contact us at or fill out our contact form.


At FEI Food Export Ltd, we assist frozen chicken distributors, intermediaries, and eateries worldwide in acquiring high-quality A-grade frozen chicken from reliable sources. Our extensive network of contacts and expertise in international shipping and financial transactions positions us as a premier supplier of top-notch products, offering secure payment options and exceptional customer support.


Here’s why frozen chicken distributors, intermediaries, and restaurant suppliers across Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan select us as their preferred frozen chicken export associate:

1. Experience AND BACKGROUND

Ray Goldberg, the Managing Director of Food Export International, has been in the export sector since 1986. His profound understanding of global banking and transportation, encompassing air and maritime freight, is a significant advantage for his clientele. Strengthened by years of hands-on experience, Ray has an extensive international network and is well-versed in circumventing the common pitfalls in the frozen meat export arena.


We maintain the highest standards of transparency and honesty in a field full of dishonest businesspeople. We have developed protocols and payment methods to protect your interests and guarantee everyone's security. We promise to inform you at every turn and let you know right away if your order is in trouble.


We meticulously curate premium-grade frozen meat selections. We prefer to export frozen meat from nations renowned for their stringent quality standards and global recognition for environmentally sustainable practices. All our offerings originate from animals that have received humane treatment and undergone inspection and approval in certified slaughterhouses. We visit our frozen chicken suppliers on-site to ensure adherence to our exacting standards whenever feasible.


At Food Export International, we take immense pride in delivering unparalleled customer service. We firmly believe that effective communication is paramount to successful business dealings; hence, customer queries receive a prompt response within hours. Our close partnerships with suppliers enable us to provide our clients with a steady stream of superior frozen meat offerings at highly competitive rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can initiate an order by contacting Ray Goldberg at or completing our contact form.
We typically ask for details regarding the desired product, the required quantity, and the customer’s location. We’ll also discuss our secure payment options to prevent fraud.
We’ll provide comprehensive information upon mutual agreement, including pricing, shipping options, and the necessary paperwork for exporting to your region.
Indeed, we are a trustworthy business with years of experience shipping frozen chicken. We stand out because we are dedicated to excellence in customer service, openness, and quality.
We reply to all messages immediately, usually within a few hours. Our objective is to offer each client effective, customized service.
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