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Shall conform to the following specifications and/or International Standard:


  • Origin: Brazil
  • Human Consumption
  • Polarization: 99.80 % min
  • Ash content: 0.04% max
  • Moisture: 0.04% max
  • Granulation: Fine Standard
  • Solubility: 100% dry/free fine flowing
  • Radiation: Normal within internationally accepted limit
  • Colour: Sparkling White maximum 45 ICUMSA attenuation units (ICUMSA method #10 – 1978)
  • Smell: Free of Any unusual or abnormal
  • Magnetic Particles: 4 Mg/Kg
  • Ash by electrical: 0.04% Max. (on a dry weight basis) Conductivity
  • Sulphur dioxide: 20 mg/kg
  • Sediment: none
  • Reducing Sugar: 0.010% Max by weight
  • HPN Staph Aureus Per 1 gram: NIL
  • Maximum AS: 1 PPM
  • Maximum OS: 2 PPM
  • Maximum CU: 3 PPM
  • Substance: Solid Crystal
  • Pesticide Traces: Maximum mg/kg basis
  • DDT 0.005 Photoxin 0.01 Hexachloran Gamma Isomer 0.005
  • Chemicals and Insects: Needs Phytosanitary Certificate. No radiation, no virus, no insect parts and no poisonous matter. The product is non-genetic and is suitable for human consumption.
  • The latest sugar crop shall be extracted from sound, unfermented sugar cane. Sugar shall be clean and free from any foreign matter, taste or odour and shall have the sweet taste characteristic of white sugar whether dry or in solution.

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