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Leading Seafood Exporters and Distributors in Asia

Welcome to our superior seafood distribution and export services, tailored specifically for the Asian market. At FEI Food Export Ltd, we greatly enjoy offering premium seafood products sourced from dependable global suppliers. Our objective is to ensure utmost customer satisfaction while meeting the rising demand for premium seafood Asia through our steadfast dedication to excellence and reliability.

Exporting China's Finest Seafood

FEI Food Export Ltd specializes in supplying China with high-quality seafood to meet the country’s expanding needs. As a respectable seafood distributor China, we guarantee that only the most excellent selections will reach your table, enhancing dining experiences for nationwide customers.

Premium Seafood Supplier Hong Kong

Greetings from FEI Food Export Ltd, a quality seafood exporter Hong Kong. As a top seafood distributor, we are committed to offering products that meet the rigorous standards of our valued clients while maintaining exceptional quality and flavor.

Supplying Vietnam's Premier Seafood Selection

Greetings from FEI Food Export Ltd, the foremost importer of premium seafood in Vietnam. We are a reputable seafood supplier dedicated to offering the finest seafood products on the Vietnamese market and providing our patrons with an exceptional dining experience.

Reliable Seafood Provider in Korea

From FEI Food Export Ltd, your go-to source for premium seafood imports in Korea, greetings. We have a variety of seafood that satisfy your cravings. As a leading seafood distributor, we provide superior seafood that meets our customers’ expectations.

Providing Finest Premium Seafood in Taiwan

Take a culinary adventure with Taiwan’s leading exporter of quality seafood, FEI Food Export Ltd. As a top seafood supplier, we offer Taiwan’s people the most fantastic seafood goods from reliable international sources.

Experience Premium Singapore Seafood Excellence

With FEI Food Export Ltd, Singapore’s leading import partner for premium seafood set out on a culinary journey. As a top seafood distributor, we are experts in finding and delivering high-quality seafood goods to Singapore’s booming culinary scene.

In search of credible exporters of frozen seafood? FEI Food Export Ltd has you covered! For further details about our frozen seafood offerings and services, contact Ray Goldberg at FEI Food Export Ltd now!

Why Choose FEI Food Export Ltd for Your Frozen Seafood Export Needs?

FEI Food Export Ltd stands out as a top choice for frozen seafood exports, serving a diverse clientele that includes seafood agents, wholesalers, and restaurant suppliers across critical regions such as Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore. Here’s why savvy customers opt for us as their frozen seafood export partner:

1. Extensive Expertise

With our Managing Director’s extensive background in the export industry dating back to 1986, we offer an unmatched experience. We guarantee smooth transactions thanks to our extensive international banking and shipping knowledge, including air and marine freight. We provide complete services suited to our client’s demands and supported by a vast global network.

2. Dedicated to Honesty

Even in a field where dishonest business techniques are standard, integrity remains at the heart of our operations. Honesty and openness are our top priorities in every connection. To protect the interests of all parties, we have established solid protocols and safe payment options. Our commitment includes keeping clients informed at every stage and promptly addressing any issues that may arise with their orders.

3. Focus on Product Excellence

We will never waver in our resolve to source the highest-calibre frozen fish products. Our careful selection procedure includes obtaining seafood from nations with a reputation for high-quality standards and ecologically responsible practices. Every product comes from inspected and approved facilities and from animals treated responsibly. Frequent inspections guarantee that our rigorous standards are being followed.

4. Exceptional Customer Care

At FEI Food Export Ltd, offering outstanding customer service is essential. We are aware that building successful collaborations requires excellent communication. As a result, we guarantee quick responses to customers’ questions and issues, usually within hours. Because of our solid supplier ties, we can provide a consistent supply of premium frozen seafood at affordable pricing.

You may count on FEI Food Export Ltd to fulfill your needs with excellence and dependability if you’re looking for premium sourcing and exports of seafood of unparalleled quality.



    To discover how our skilled expert team can help you acquire top-quality frozen seafood products, contact Ray Goldberg at or fill out our contact form.


    We'll request information regarding the desired product, quantity, and location to fulfill your specific requirements. We'll also outline our secure and transparent payment options, designed to safeguard all parties involved against fraudulent activities.


    Once all parties agree, we'll provide comprehensive information, including pricing, shipping options, and necessary paperwork for exporting to your region. Are you seeking a reliable and experienced company to export frozen seafood?


Here’s why intermediaries, distributors, and restaurant providers of frozen seafood across Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan prefer us as their primary export partner:


Managing Director of FEI Food Export Ltd Ray Goldberg has been in the export business since 1986. His broad understanding of international finance and logistics, including air and sea transportation, greatly benefits our clients. With years of real-world experience, Ray has many foreign contacts and is skilled at negotiating the difficulties of exporting frozen seafood.


We maintain the most excellent standards of openness and honesty in a field where dishonesty is common. Strict procedures and safe payment options have been put in place to protect your rights and guarantee the security of all parties. We promise to keep you updated at every turn and let you know immediately if there are any problems with your order.


We carefully choose only the best frozen prawn options. We prioritize obtaining seafood from nations renowned for their strict adherence to sustainable methods and high-quality standards. Our goods are sourced from humanely treated animals and approved and inspected in accredited facilities. We visit our seafood suppliers' locations whenever possible to ensure they adhere to our strict guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use our online contact form or send us an email at to place an order for our frozen seafood goods.
We typically request details such as the specific seafood product desired, the quantity needed, and your location. Additionally, we’ll discuss our secure payment options to ensure a smooth transaction process.
We will provide all the information you need to place an order, including cost, shipping options, and the paperwork needed to export to your area. Just submit an order request and provide the appropriate information, and we’ll take care of the rest.
We reply to all messages immediately, usually within a few hours. Our objective is to offer each client effective, customized service.
Indeed, we are a respectable business with years of expertise in exporting frozen seafood. We stand out in the business because of our dedication to excellence in customer service, openness, and quality.
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