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About FEI Food Export Ltd | Exporting Frozen Meat

The experienced, trusted exporters of premium frozen chicken, beef, lamb, pork and seafood

We started FEI Food Export Ltd in 2017 with the desire to build a frozen meat export business based on integrity, trust and exceptional customer service. Thanks to more than 40 years’ experience in the export industry, We offer clients an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise. We opened FEI Food Export Ltd in the UK in 2021

We’ve always been in the business of marketing commodities and have been in business for myself since the early 1990s. I started out selling recycled rubber chip in India and Pakistan.

My strengths include being able to find hard-to-get items, along with connecting people. 

My venture into frozen meat export started after a customer asked me if I knew where to get frozen chicken. I discovered that exporting frozen meat was a good fit for me and expanded the business to supply a number of frozen meat products, including frozen beef, chicken, lamb, pork and seafood.

Looking for a reliable, trustworthy frozen meat exporter? To learn more about our products and services, contact US at FEI Food EXPORT LTD today on

FEI Food Export Ltd mainly source our products from  South American and European and USA producers, because of the country’s strict health and regulatory standards and clean farming environment. 

Our  markets are Global so we are able to supply you in just about any location .

Along with his knowledge and experience, Ray’s extensive network of contacts has supported the success of his business – which he defines as having effective transactions with happy customers. He is driven by a commitment to doing business with honesty and transparency in an industry riddled with untrustworthy operators.

This has given us a solid reputation as a reputable supplier – one who does what he says he will do and supply what he says he will supply. 

Alongside running Food Expert International, Our CEO is an experienced chef and loves to cook. He is also an avid wine collector. “There’s not a single wine in my collection I wouldn’t be proud to pull out and drink, all from boutique Australian winemakers.” He’s also fond of Spanish wine and lived in Spain for three years.


Our CEO enjoys studying ancient architecture and has an eclectic art collection. “I especially like abstract art that makes you think, like Cubism.”


If you’re a meat agent, meat wholesaler or restaurant provider looking to work with an exporter with unrivalled knowledge and commitment to service, We would love to connect with you.

Need quality frozen beef, frozen chicken, frozen lamb, frozen pork, frozen seafood supplied with integrity and top-notch service?

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